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The Greeks were not invited to their situation celine outlet critical meeting Monday night. "It's not a big surprise, because these invitations are Greece's creditors, who are actually trying to form a united front and to speed up debt negotiations in Athens before payment will be announced on Friday, but the list of participants symbolizes how far Greece leaving the government has become very lonely political analysts celine outlet store said, how commitments to roll back economic austerity policy led by Germany, met with unexpected opposition united Europe ....... What surprised many analysts is how, behind Germany's position in the consolidation and Greece, European leaders have taken effective support same austerity Some people think that is responsible for the collapse of the outlet celine Greek economy, "Jim Yardley attitude since 2010 in the New York Times.

Wolf: Greece urgent need to deal. "Greece is now on the edge of default it owes € 15 billion pairs of International Monetary Fund (IMF) this month; another € 452 Krabi International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank next month handbag outlet online € 35 亿; and a further € 17 IMF organizations and € 32 August the ECB, without a deal with the rest of the eurozone bailout funds remaining in its agreement to release € 72 million Athens will be forced to default. It is no other source of funds, its access to the market was closed exit ...... It is also hard to exaggerate the handbag outlet stores online significance of - even a small country and annoying as Greece - European integration after the euro (but misleading), etc. Second World War once the euro is considered is reversible, the driving force of the economic integration of the opposite. "Financial Times.